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Sandro Boscaini

Amarone and Beyond

Masi: 250 Years of Harvests, Family and Business

As the sixth generation of a dynasty that has turned the love for its roots, in the land of Valpolicella, into the driving force behind a business and a brand that have conquered the world, Sandro Boscaini traces here the history of the family business from the first harvest to the present day. A fascinating and lively 250 years-long tale, in which the tides of history intertwine with those of the family. Entrepreneurial choices unfold between respect for tradition and innovation of processes and products, leaving room for personal anecdotes and technical curiosities, first-hand accounts and literary ...
Amarone and beyond


Nello Barile

Communication in the New Hybrid Ontoligies

From Platforms to the Metaverse

This book explores the recent evolution of the digital media and communication. If media are not just tools, but complex environments capable of reshaping our social identities and cultural values, it is fundamental to understand their interactions with our being. Between the recent enthusiastic narrative on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Neo-Critical approaches against the domination of algorithms, this work investigates the complex relationship between digital media and human creativity, a relationship that continuously generates new hybrid ontologies. Therefore, the book explores ...
communication hybrid ontologies


Dino Ruta

Qatar the Land of Sports and Events

Human Capital Strategy for Socio-Economic Impacts

Over the last two decades, Qatar has decided to invest in three key assets for its sustainable socio-economic development: sports, events and education. Through Josoor Institute, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ has activated a number of initiatives for people development. As well as organizing a number of major international events, Qatar was entrusted with the organization of the first FIFA World Cup to take place in the Middle East and the first final to be played in December. After an overview from a socio-economic perspective, the book examines ...
Qatar the land of sports and events


Claudio Scardovi

Gen Z and the Future of Wealth

Sustainable Investing and Wellbeing for Our Next Generations

The world has never be so rich—at least financially. And so unsustainable—economically, socially, and environmentally. In fact, we are all living a “nemesis of wealth” (nealth), caused by our shortsighted choices of the past, just focused on ROE, NPV, and shareholders’ value. This “nealth” is now paying us back not only with loads of public debt, inflationary money, and debased cryptocurrencies; but also with unbearable social discrimination, geopolitical tensions and wars and de-globalization; and—last but not least—with the ticking bomb of the climate change to come. If this ...


Marco Bassini, Giovanni De Gregorio, Oreste Pollicino

Internet Law and Protection of Fundamental Rights

The protection of fundamental rights in the digital age is increasingly at the core of Internet law. The massive spread of digital and algorithmic technologies is raising questions that are intimately constitutional. Rights and freedoms are exposed to the opportunities and challenges of digital technologies, thus leading to different constitutional reactions. The book is structured in three parts. It starts by providing a focus on the primary questions around the Internet, particularly the regulation and governance of the digital environment, the jurisdictional challenge, and the access to the ...
Internet law


Leonardo Caporarello, Massimo Magni

Team Management

Creating and Managing Flexible and Resilient Teams

The idea for this book was born out of a strong belief that coping with the dynamic nature of today's environment is only possible by sharing ideas, by collaborating, and by effectively integrating individual skills. The importance of collaboration is particularly clear from statistics that indicate a continued increase in team-based working methods in organizations. ?A challenge that the pandemic has made even more complex.The book follows a problem-based approach, so that each chapter represents a moment of reflection and support on a specific problem that team members face. In particular, based ...
Bup_Team Management


Marco Sampietro

Project Management

Integrating Methodologies and Behaviors

Project management is a vast discipline that over the years has come to encompass content from a variety of fields. The book identifies the factors that are crucial to good project management and emphasizes the importance of integrating the methodological and organizational aspects of project management. Knowing how to manage projects provides companies with an important competitive advantage, as shrinking product life cycles reduce the time to return on investment, which means less tolerance for errors. From the main characteristics of projects to the identification of the key factors for their ...
Project Management


Ezio Manzini

Livable Proximity

Ideas for the City that Cares

“Livable Proximity is a passionate and compelling call for a remaking of the city under a novel paradigm of relationality and care by one of the most accomplished design thinkers of our time.” – Arturo Escobar This book is a contribution to the social conversation on the city and its future. It focuses on an idea that has been in circulation for some time and that, in recent years, has received greater attention: that of a city in which everything that is needed for daily life is just a few minutes away by foot from where people live. In addition, it speaks of a city in which this functional ...
Livable Proximity


Massimo Roccas

Theory and Reality of International Trade

In recent decades international trade theory has not been very helpful, overall,in explaining the causes and effects of contemporary trade flows. This hasbeen due, first, to trade theory continuing to refer to the Ricardian principle ofcomparative advantage, which is based on a number of irrealistic hypothesessuch as full employment and trade balances’ equilibrium. And, second, to thefact that the non-satisfaction of key Ricardian hypotheses has hindered theworking of trade balance re-equilibrating mechanisms; as a result, countries’absolute advantages, possibly more than comparative ones, ...
Theory and reality of international trade


Maria Giuseppina Lucia, Stefano Valdemarin

International Strategy

Managing companies in the global economic system

In a global economic system marked by continuous changes, companies shouldadapt their strategies to successfully manage international activities. On onehand, strategic decisions play a key role in detecting and seizing internationalopportunities. On the other hand, global shifts have a strong impact on everytype of company and organization, regardless of their size and degree of internationalization.Focusing on the most relevant issues in the international development of companies, the book proposes theoretical models and managerial tools to successfully tackle global challenges. Each chapter ...
International Strategy