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Marco Bardazzi

Silicon Europe

The Great Adventure of the Global Chip Industry and an Italian-French Company that Makes the World Go Round

Semiconductors and chips have become increasingly indispensable, present in everything from smartphones and cars to home appliances and medical devices. However, we often fail to recognize the significant technological and creative efforts that go into creating these “life companions.” While it’s commonly assumed that technological innovations are exclusively produced in Asian factories or American laboratories, few realize that there has been a “Silicon Europe” of industrial and technological excellence across France and Italy for decades. At the heart of this region lies STMicroelectronics, a world-leading chip company. Through the history of ST and European microelectronics, journalist and writer Marco Bardazzi takes readers on an incredible journey that documents the ideas, inventions, stories, and people behind the technologies and objects that have revolutionized our lives in recent decades. Bardazzi also sheds light on the cutting-edge technology sector that is pivotal to new generations and future jobs, in which Europe is playing an essential role.


Pages: 186

Trade Paper: ISBN 9791281627024; $29.95



Marci Bardazzi is a journalist, essayist, and business communicator. He has worked for Ansa, La Stampa and Eni in Italy and the United States. In 2021, he founded Bea – Be a Media Company.

Silicon Europe