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Francesco Pagano, Luca Zerbini

Standing Up for the Planet

45 Stories of Extraordinary Women

The fight for a better future needs radical collaboration, with the joint effort of governments, NGOs, investors, and corporates, but it also needs exponential technological innovation and new perspectives. Almost a miracle is needed: But this miracle is increasingly being made possible by female leaders from all generations, who have found the courage to act.The book presents stories of sustainability, from small startups to large corporations, but above all, it tells the stories of extraordinary women who have decided to dedicate their time and personal resources to try to save our world. It ...
Standing up for the planet


Giordano Di Veglia, Melania Franzese

Business Models and Profitability in the Strategic Banking Process

Focus on Digitalization

The book introduces the key elements contributing to entrepreneurial vitality and sustainability in the medium and long term with a specific focus on digital transformation. Factoring in two momentous processes such as digitalization and climate change, the book starts with an update on profitability in the banking system and moves on to the assumptions of economic literature on business model analysis as well as the supervisors' own approach.By outlining a seven-step methodology, the authors aim to enrich traditional backward analysis with a forward-looking type of banking decision-making process, ...
Business Models


Ferdinando Napolitano

Influence, Relevance and Growth for a Changing World

How to Survive & Thrive With IRGtm Beyond ESG

Governments are struggling to respond the needs of the people. The media have lost their traditional equidistance. The public impression of competence, and the trust it engenders, has tilted in favor of corporations putting pressure on them to proactively engage. The Influence, Relevance & Growth (IRG) system based on 10 quantitative parameters offers corporations a new operating model to adapt to a societal context in which policymakers need to be continuously and deeply informed about complex, technologically intensive, and ethically charged issues. This book is designed to help CEOs and top ...
Influence relevance growth changing world


Stefano Caselli, Stefano Gatti

Capital Markets

Perspectives over the Last Decade

This book, published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Equita, is the result of the 10-year collaboration between Equita and Bocconi to carry out research and studies on capital markets. Well before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the overall evidence showed that capital markets in Italy were still underdeveloped. In fact, the past decade was characterized by serious weaknesses in the structure and functioning of these markets. The lack of a robust financial infrastructure of capital markets, the need to strengthen the investor base, and flaws in the intermediation structure of ...
Capital Markets


Francesca Pecoraro, Alex Turrini, Mark Volpe

Fundraising for the Arts

The work of fundraising has transformed into a sophisticated and competitive profession, attracting talented and dedicated leaders who wish to use their skills to contribute to a secure financial future for their organizations. The arts and cultural field has not been an exception to these pressures above all in times when new emergencies and pressures shrink the funding opportunities of arts organizations both in Europe and in the US. This book aims to be a reference point for upper-level undergraduate students, graduate students, and junior practitioners in the arts management field. It will ...
Fundraising for the arts


Mario Patrono, Arianna Vedaschi

Donald Trump and the Future of American Democracy

The Harbinger of a Storm?

At the heart of this book is the idea that President Trump’s governingstyle has been a prelude to the semi-democratic authoritarian governmentthat could take hold after the white majority of voters, who havethe keys to wealth and power today, become a minority around 2050.With this in mind, the book analyzes Trump’s attempt, squeezed betweentwo impeachments in a single term – an all-time record –, murkyrelations with Russia and policy choices that are disrespectful of lawsand the Constitution, to accredit himself as a plebiscitary leader andinfluencer of the nation, with claims of being ...
Donald Trump and the future of democracy


Simonetta Di Pippo

Space Economy

The New Frontier for Development

According to the OECD definition, the space economy is the set of activities and use of space resources that create value and benefits for humanity through the exploration, understanding, management, and use of space. The space economy goes far beyond the space sector in a narrow sense, because it extends to the increasingly pervasive and changing impacts of products, services, and knowledge derived from space. Based on the most recent estimates, the space economy globally is now worth $469 billion dollars, with double-digit percentage growth forecast for the next decades. But what is most important ...
Space Economy_Eng


Sandro Boscaini

Amarone and Beyond

Masi: 250 Years of Harvests, Family and Business

As the sixth generation of a dynasty that has turned the love for its roots, in the land of Valpolicella, into the driving force behind a business and a brand that have conquered the world, Sandro Boscaini traces here the history of the family business from the first harvest to the present day. A fascinating and lively 250 years-long tale, in which the tides of history intertwine with those of the family. Entrepreneurial choices unfold between respect for tradition and innovation of processes and products, leaving room for personal anecdotes and technical curiosities, first-hand accounts and literary ...
Amarone and beyond


Nello Barile

Communication in the New Hybrid Ontoligies

From Platforms to the Metaverse

This book explores the recent evolution of the digital media and communication. If media are not just tools, but complex environments capable of reshaping our social identities and cultural values, it is fundamental to understand their interactions with our being. Between the recent enthusiastic narrative on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Neo-Critical approaches against the domination of algorithms, this work investigates the complex relationship between digital media and human creativity, a relationship that continuously generates new hybrid ontologies. Therefore, the book explores ...
communication hybrid ontologies


Dino Ruta

Qatar the Land of Sports and Events

Human Capital Strategy for Socio-Economic Impacts

Over the last two decades, Qatar has decided to invest in three key assets for its sustainable socio-economic development: sports, events and education. Through Josoor Institute, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ has activated a number of initiatives for people development. As well as organizing a number of major international events, Qatar was entrusted with the organization of the first FIFA World Cup to take place in the Middle East and the first final to be played in December. After an overview from a socio-economic perspective, the book examines ...
Qatar the land of sports and events