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Carlo Cattaneo

Psycology of the Associated Minds

These lectures are a crucial step in the long maturation of the thought of Carlo Cattaneo (1801-1869). They represent a change of paradigm, from the perspective of the individual, to that of the associated man, who in the course of history builds collective ways of thinking and acting, languages, religions, organizations, social systems and, in doing so, transforms both nature and society. In the lectures Cattaneo develops the idea of social psychology, the relevance of scientific thought as the source of human progress, the better performance of open social systems as well as the dynamics and ...
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Roberto Poli

Working With the Future

Ideas and Tools to Govern Uncertainty To handle increasingly uncertain situations, we need to learn how to anticipate what is coming. Futures Studies have developed robust frameworks for working with possible futures, including the development of scenarios and visions able to guide decisions in the present. Measuring risks and understanding uncertainties, and distinguishing what is only complicated from what is actually complex; these are part and parcel of working with the future. This book presents the phases of a future exercise, and for each phase explains the tools and methods to be used. ...


Gaia Rubera, Francesco Grossetti

Python for non-Pythonians

How to Win over Programming Languages The book uses a very simple and accessible language. All the descriptions of Python functionalities come with intuitive examples to make you learn by doing. This is not a theoretical book and does not cover some of the most internal features of Python. The intention of the authors is to allow business-oriented people to start using Python. The main reason for such a choice of style is due to the increasing number of requests by non-technical professionals to solve daily problems and tasks. Whether the reader wants to append multiple spreadsheets or profile ...


Paolo Messa

The Age of Sharp Power

China, Russia and Iran. the interference is not soft. The italian case. The aim of this book is to raise awareness of authoritarian countries' influence penetration into democracies through cyber-offense, intellectual property theft, media networks spreading propaganda, bots, and fake-news on social networks, and cultural exchanges that may constitute a peril to academic freedom and threaten the freedom of speech in some western institutes. The Age of Sharp Power offers an unedited analysis of the Italian case, unveiling Russia and China network of influence in the "Belpaese" and suggesting how ...
The Age of Sharp Power


Claudio Scardovi

Singularity Bank

AI and Runaway Transformation in Financial Services Artificial intelligence is driving the next revolution in banking, with disruptive forces presenting profound challenges to traditional business models. As the adoption of new technologies, and innovation of even newer ones, accelerates, are we fast approaching a future in which banks no longer have a need for assets or, indeed, for humans? Is there a future in which bankers themselves, if not banks, disappear altogether? Are we approaching a “singularity moment,” in which advances in artificial intelligence trigger rapid and uncontrollable ...
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Mikkel Draebye

Start-up Entrepreneurship

The SMART way Most entrepreneurs do not succeed in their attempt to create a sustainable business from their venture idea. There are several reasons for the very high failure rates in start-up and social entrepreneurship, but most can be traced back to a lack of understanding of how a start-up should be managed in its different phases, from the identification of the opportunity to the management of the established and growing venture. This book analyses the start-up process suggests theoretical insights, methods and tools that will help the entrepreneur to manage the risk associated with unknowns ...
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Martha Friel e Armando Peres


New Maps for the Travel Industry How will the tourists of the future travel? Where will they like to stay? What experiences will they look for? Tourism is one of the strongest and fastest growing sectors of the world economy and has become one of the most advanced frontiers for technological innovation applied to transport and entertainment. The book provides a simple illustration of how tourism has evolved in recent decades and the great economic, social and cultural transformations it has undergone. These transformations, which also affect the consumption patterns of tourists, pose important ...


Emilio Barucci

Who Will Rescue Finance?

The role of academics, bankers, politicians, regulators The main idea of this book is that the root cause of the financial crisis is the ambition to handle risk as a well-defined commodity that can be traded in the market. The book provides an interpretation of the crisis going beyond simple reconstructions. Finance cannot be rescued by simply referring to ethics or limiting the remuneration of managers. This book is unique in that it covers both the American and the European crisis. "The book provides a sharp analysis of what went wrong with Finance and led to the great crisis, and shows the ...
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Cosimo Accoto

In Data Time and Tide

A Surprising Philosophical Guide to Our Programmable Future A fresh philosophical journey through our programmable world. A visionary map exploring risky and wild territories: the hidden life of software and coding, the emergence of a new data sensorium, the algorithmic power of alien intelligences, the tech shift from archives to prediction machines, the planetary platforms becoming stacks and chains. In five short and provocative essays, this book popularizes new speculations introducing society and business to untold concepts such as feedforward, stack, transduction, elemental, infoviduality. ...


Stefania Saviolo

Signature Experience

Art and Science of Customer Engagement for Fashion and Luxury Companies How can Fashion and Luxury brands enable meaningful connections and lasting engagement with their customers? Which touch-points are most important in determining memorable experiences? How can firms converge the consumer and organizational perspectives of the customer journey? Never as today, Fashion and Luxury companies need to answer these questions and craft a unique and proprietary signature experience across all their touchpoints. Signature means that brands should avoid metoo strategies and “craft” the customer ...