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Alessandro Zattoni

Corporate Governance

How to Design Good Companies

The book focuses on corporate governance with an original perspective:(i)It is based on academic research: solid theory and rigorous empirical findings provided by previous studies; (ii)It has a strategic-management perspective, and it aims at helping students to learn both mindsets and frameworks, and competencies and useful knowledge to design and assess corporate governance practices; (iii)It presents best practices across major national governance systems at international level; (iv)It has been developed for didactic purposes;(v)It acknowledges the recent debate on shareholder and stakeholder views.


Pages: 400

Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486935; $64.95

Pdf: 9788885486751; $45,99



Alessandro Zattoni is Full professor of Strategy and Dean of the Business and Management Department. He is President of ICGS (International Corporate Governance Society) and Fellow of EURAM, the European Academy of Management. His main research interests are: corporate governance and corporate strategy with a particular emphasis on board of directors, codes of good governance, ownership structure, business groups, executive compensation and stock incentive plans.

Corporate Governance