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Annalisa Buffardi, Lello Savonardo

Digital Cultures, Innovation and Startup

The Contamination Lab Model

The book focuses on the relationships between technological and social innovations, and the new opportunities and challenges that the education system is facing. The dissertation explores the intertwines between the educational scenarios and the contemporary social, economic, and cultural contexts. In particular, we discuss the Contamination Lab (CLab) experience, which started in Italian universities with the purpose of promoting the entrepreneurial and innovation culture.

Pages: 170

Trade Paper: ISBN 9788831322188; $ 34,95



Annalisa Buffardi is a researcher at INDIRE(National Institute of Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research), and Professor of Sociology of Communication at the Department of Human Sciences of IUL(Italian University Line). She was the project manager of the Contamination Lab in Naples, and a lecturer of E-learning techniques at the University of Naples Federico II.
Lello Savonardo is the scientific coordinator of the Contamination Lab Naples. He's associated professor of Theories and Techniques of Communication and Communication and Youth Cultures at the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II. Since 2003, he has been the scientific coordinator of the Osservatorio Territoriale Giovani (OTG), Naples.

Digital Cultures