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Giuseppe Mayer

Inspired by Data

AI’s Transformative Role in Corporate Communication

This book is an exploration of the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, and in particular generative AI, across the corporate communications landscape. It provides practical guidance on how to use these technologies as tools while emphasizing the irreplaceable value of human creativity, empathy, and responsibility. Unlike past technological shifts that focused on efficiency, AI is opening new creative frontiers. Commercial realms once shaped by human intuition and emotions can now harness data patterns while preserving core values of authenticity and meaning. However, as AI permeates communication channels from internal memos to press releases, ethical risks intensify. Establishing oversight and recognizing human judgment as the compass becomes vital. With insights from experts and case studies across industries, this guide aims to spark a movement where corporate communication is not beholden to machines but liberated by them, using data as inspiration rather than chains. It reminds readers of technology’s role as an enabler of distinctly human capacities such as storytelling, leadership, and ethical responsibility in business.


Trade Paper: ISBN 9791281627130; $39.95



Giuseppe Mayer is Adjunct Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Communication at IULM University. As a manager and entrepreneur in the fields of communication and digital in-novation, he has more than 25 years of experience in senior roles at major Italian and international communication groups. His career has been marked by a constant drive for innovation and digital transformation, with a strong focus on business and communication. He is also a recognized author, having published several books on digital communication and branding. His passion and versatility provide unique insights into the power of AI and other emerging technologies to transform corporate communication.

Inspired by data