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Francesco Pagano, Luca Zerbini

Standing Up for the Planet

45 Stories of Extraordinary Women

The fight for a better future needs radical collaboration, with the joint effort of governments, NGOs, investors, and corporates, but it also needs exponential technological innovation and new perspectives. Almost a miracle is needed: But this miracle is increasingly being made possible by female leaders from all generations, who have found the courage to act.The book presents stories of sustainability, from small startups to large corporations, but above all, it tells the stories of extraordinary women who have decided to dedicate their time and personal resources to try to save our world. It intends to show real life examples of women, who made pivotal changes in their lives, creating value for all stakeholders at the table, including the planet we live in. Their stories demonstrate that this is not a battle that we win once and for all, but rather a continuous progress, in which we will be evolving the way we leverage and utilize the resources around us. No project has been able to tackle the sustainability dilemma with such grace, and very few with so many real-life examples of leadership and impact from a remarkable group of women, who are changing the rules of the game in their respective industries and fields.


Pages: 184

Trade Paper: ISBN 9788831322997; $29.95



Francesco Pagano is senior partner at Jakala and Tokenance. He is an accomplished and growth-focused C-level leader, with extensive international experience in directing all aspects of marketing, sales, and business development.

Luca Zerbini is Top Executive at Fortune 100 high-tech corps like HP, HON and AMCR ($10B+ portfolio) and CEO in high-growth PE-backed companies with up to $1.2B sales such as Florida Tile and Fedrigoni. He is also Board Member in 10+ growth companies ($100 to 500M).

Standing up for the planet