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Giordano Di Veglia, Melania Franzese

Business Models and Profitability in the Strategic Banking Process

Focus on Digitalization

The book introduces the key elements contributing to entrepreneurial vitality and sustainability in the medium and long term with a specific focus on digital transformation. Factoring in two momentous processes such as digitalization and climate change, the book starts with an update on profitability in the banking system and moves on to the assumptions of economic literature on business model analysis as well as the supervisors' own approach.By outlining a seven-step methodology, the authors aim to enrich traditional backward analysis with a forward-looking type of banking decision-making process, which allows for the identification of the operational segments contributing to the creation or the destruction of value under new trends.Finally, the book provides exercises, case studies and – more in general – food for thought on business model analysis, also with reference to banking digitalization.


Pages: 176

Trade Paper: ISBN 9788831322935; $34.95



Melania Franzese. Banking and Financial Supervision of the Bank of Italy. Former Consob officer and advisor, head of mission and on-site supervisor of banking groups, she deals with the validation of internal risk measurement models. A trainer and member of working groups set up by ECB, she holds academic lectures.

Giordano Di Veglia. Banking and Financial Supervision of the Bank of Italy. Head of mission of inspections over Italian and European banking groups, mentor, trainer in the SSM field, he is a member of international working groups for the development of supervision techniques and holds academic lectures.

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