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Marco Sampietro

Project Management

Integrating Methodologies and Behaviors

Project management is a vast discipline that over the years has come to encompass content from a variety of fields. The book identifies the factors that are crucial to good project management and emphasizes the importance of integrating the methodological and organizational aspects of project management. Knowing how to manage projects provides companies with an important competitive advantage, as shrinking product life cycles reduce the time to return on investment, which means less tolerance for errors. From the main characteristics of projects to the identification of the key factors for their ...
Project Management


Ezio Manzini

Livable Proximity

Ideas for the City that Cares

“Livable Proximity is a passionate and compelling call for a remaking of the city under a novel paradigm of relationality and care by one of the most accomplished design thinkers of our time.” – Arturo Escobar This book is a contribution to the social conversation on the city and its future. It focuses on an idea that has been in circulation for some time and that, in recent years, has received greater attention: that of a city in which everything that is needed for daily life is just a few minutes away by foot from where people live. In addition, it speaks of a city in which this functional ...
Livable Proximity


Massimo Roccas

Theory and Reality of International Trade

In recent decades international trade theory has not been very helpful, overall,in explaining the causes and effects of contemporary trade flows. This hasbeen due, first, to trade theory continuing to refer to the Ricardian principle ofcomparative advantage, which is based on a number of irrealistic hypothesessuch as full employment and trade balances’ equilibrium. And, second, to thefact that the non-satisfaction of key Ricardian hypotheses has hindered theworking of trade balance re-equilibrating mechanisms; as a result, countries’absolute advantages, possibly more than comparative ones, ...
Theory and reality of international trade


Maria Giuseppina Lucia, Stefano Valdemarin

International Strategy

Managing companies in the global economic system

In a global economic system marked by continuous changes, companies shouldadapt their strategies to successfully manage international activities. On onehand, strategic decisions play a key role in detecting and seizing internationalopportunities. On the other hand, global shifts have a strong impact on everytype of company and organization, regardless of their size and degree of internationalization.Focusing on the most relevant issues in the international development of companies, the book proposes theoretical models and managerial tools to successfully tackle global challenges. Each chapter ...
International Strategy


Marco Buti

The Man Inside

A European Journey Through Two Crisis

“An insider of the European Commission since the late 1980s, Marco Buti is a unique guide through the two crises of the 21st century.” - Giuliano Amato, former Prime Minister of Italy “Marco Buti and I have not always agreed on issues of economic policy. But I cannot think of somebody more qualified to tell us about the travails of Europe since the Great Financial Crisis. He was there all along.” - Olivier Blanchard, Senior Fellow at Peterson Institute for International Economics “This collection of VoXEU contributions shows how history is made. Marco Buti, a man inside the vortex of ...
The man inside


Virginia Stagni

Dreamers who do

Intrapreneurship and innovation in the media world

Disruption, from Latin (dis- ‘apart’ + rumpere ‘to break’), means tearing something into pieces, destroying it completely. In the chaotic, uncertain, fast-paced contemporary world, journalism must embrace change and adapt. Based on this assumption, the author covers her experience towards the centenary media business with a fresh and entrepreneurial approach, the same approach she adopts in her everyday life as a young manager at the Financial Times. Framing her analysis with the Chaos and Network theories, she brings the reader into a journey through the future of journalism, which now ...
Dreamers who do


Raffaele Secchi, Valeria Belvedere, Alberto Grando, Giuseppe Stabilini

Production, Operations and Supply Chain Management

Industrial production has always been a propulsion element in any economy, be it from a perspective of value-creation, employment potential, or its impact on sustainability and technological innovation; the ability to manage operations and supply chain is therefore a key skill for a company’s competitiveness.If this has always been true, today as never before, in a world hit hard by a medical emergency first, and then by economic and social ones, the reflection on the most appropriate management practices in manufacturing has become a central element for individual companies, entire sectors ...
Production, operations and supply chain management


Damiano Canale, Roberto Ciuni, Aldo Frigerio, Giovanni Tuzet

Critical Thinking

An Introduction

Critical Thinking is a discipline that provides the means to distinguish good from bad arguments. In doing so, it draws on the contributions of other disciplines such as logic, psychology, argumentation, and probability theory. By exploiting and developing our ability to reason, it makes us understand why certain reasoning patterns are correct and others are not.The book is an introduction to Critical Thinking, to the role that reasoning plays in concrete contexts and to the forms it assumes in different fields. The first part of the book explains what an argument is and what types of argument ...
Critical Thinking


Alessia Amighini

Money and Might

Along the Belt and Road Initiative

The book deals with the interplay between two strategies promoted by China in the 21st century to increase its integration into the world economy: Belt and Road Initiative-BRI and the internationalisation of the renminbi. They came about at different times and with complementary aims, with a great synergy between them. On the one hand, greater international circulation of the renminbi is indispensable for the completion and smooth functioning of the BRI: the vast financial resources needed to implement BRI projects around the world cannot be denominated in renminbi (which has no real official ...
Money and Might Along the Belt and Road Initiative


Stefano Caselli, Gimede Gigante, Andrea Tortoroglio

Corporate and Investment Banking

A Hands-On approach

A new book on the relationship between banks and corporates is a challenge that must be accepted: we need to revert the narrative on banks and provide a proper perspective on what they can do for the economy overall.Corporate and Investment Banking is in fact the banking activity that most affects the growth of companies and their ability to be more robust and competitive. In the financial world, the key variable for development is technology, enabling the use of information to the benefit of customers. For the corporate market, the tailor-made design of products involves a more complex choice, ...
Corporate and investment banking