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What's Fashion? It's Method!

The Value of Ideas in Fashion Companies

Pages: 112 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486386; $18,00 Authors: Carla Lunghi, Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Marco Turinetto Table of Contents Preface Introduction. Textile Products and Industrial Objects: Supply, Consumption and New Markets by Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis  Bibliography 1 The Made in Italy System. Why Education Can Fill the Gap between Innovation and Competitiveness by Nicola Guerini 1.1 Fashion System and Italian Lifestyle1.2 New challenges to face change 2 Fashion between Culture and Innovation in the Era of the Web 2.0 by Carla Lunghi 2.1 ...


Event Marketing

Pages: 164 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486249; $29,95 Epub: ISBN 9788885486256; $14,99 Mobypocket: ISBN 9788885486263; $14,99 Author:  Diego Rinallo Table of Contents Introduction 1 Events and Business Communication1 Some definitions2 Relevant distinctions (i): Objectives and targets3 Relevant distinctions (ii): Event characteristics4 Perspectives on events and plan of the book 2 Events as Communication Instruments1 Managing the event process2 Fundamental decisions3 Evaluating event results4 The agency perspective 3 Event Communication  by Alessandra Lanza 1 Foreword: ...
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Innovation in Organizations

Informal networks, knowledge sharing, and the development of firm's innovative capabilities

Pages: 110 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486331; $24,95 Pdf: ISBN 9788885486348; $12,99 Author: Marco Tortoriello Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 The absorptive capacity framework and social network reserach 2.1 The absorptive capacity framework  2.1.1 The process of absorptive capacity 2.2 The social network approach 2.3 Integrating absorptive capacity and social network theory 3. The micro-foundation of absorptive capacity 3.1 The social structure of innovation 3.2 External knowledge  3.2.1 Scientific vs. industrial external knowledge 3.3 ...
Innovation in Organizations
Pages: 344 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486294; $64,95 Pdf: ISBN 9788885486300; $32,99 Author:  Armando Cirrincione, Paola Dubini, Fabrizio Montanari Table of Contents Introduction 1 Economic Activity and Firms1.1 Economic activity 1.1.1 Choices 1.1.2 Needs 1.1.3 Goods 1.1.4 Exchange 1.1.5 The market 1.1.6 Economic processes 1.1.7 Factors of production 1.2 Individuals and decision-making processes1.2.1 Social groups 1.3 The outcomes of economic activity: income, value and impact 1.4 Types of firms1.4.1 Families1.4.2 Enterprises1.4.3 Public agencies1.4.4 Non-profit organizations1.5 ...
Mangement of Cultural Firms


Political Economics

Redistributive Policies

Pages: 144 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486270; $29.95 Pdf: ISBN 97888854628; $14,99 Author: Vincenzo Galasso Table of Content Prologue 1 Introduction to Political Economics 1.1 The Political Economic Approach1.2 Political Institutions1.3 A simple Example: Indirect Utility Function, Single-Peaked Preferences and the Bliss Point 2 Electoral Models2.1 The Median Voter Model2.2 Probabilistic Voting Model2.3 An example of Simple Majority Voting and Probabilistic Voting 3 Lobbying3.1 Public Policy: A Local Public Good3.2 Lobbying 4 Facts, Data and Relevant Issues of the Welfare State4.1 ...
Political Economics


EU Customs Code

Pages: 320 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486119; $74.95 Pdf: ISBN 9788885486126; $37,99 Author: Sara Armella   Table of Contents (soon online)
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The New Social Game

Pages: 120 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486157; $24.95 Epub: ISBN 9788885486164; $11,99 Mobypocket: ISBN 9788885486171; $11,99 Author: Francesca De Canio, Davide Pellegrini   Table of Contents   Preface   1 The new social game The active role of the consumer in value creation 1. Once upon a time 2. The crowdsourcing perspective 3. Much more than sharing 4. The ideological debate 5. The goal of our research   2 Consumption implies work Sharing platforms and peer-to-peer communities 1. Co-planning 2. Co-production 3. Co-advertising 4. Co-selling 5. Co-logistics 6. ...
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Pages: 192 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486003; $29.95 Epub: ISBN 9788885486010; $14,99 Mobypocket: ISBN 9788885486027; $14,99 Author: Francesco Morace    Table of Contents   Foreword, by Massimiliano Valerii and Francesco Maietta Preface. Beyond liquidity, Degrowth and non-places Introduction. The new physiology of the generations Part One. Pre-adults The generation Z of digital natives Lively Kids (4-8 year olds, males and females) TechTweens (9-12 year olds, males and females) ExpoTeens (13-15 year olds, males and females) ExperTeens (16-19 year olds, ...
Pages: 260 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486089; $51.95 Pdf: ISBN 9788885486072; $38,99 Authors: Massimo Guidolin, Manuela Pedio   Table of Contents   Foreword   List of Symbols and Acronyms   1. Introduction to Portfolio Analysis: Key Notions 1. Financial Securities 1.1 Definition of financial securities 1.2 Computing the return of financial securities 2. Choices under Risky Situations 2.1 Choices under uncertainty: a general framework 2.2 Complete and incomplete criteria of choice under uncertainty 3. Statistical Summaries of Portfolio Returns 3.1 Portfolio mean 3.2 ...
Essentials Applied Portfolio_cover
Pages: 78 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486058; $19.95 Pdf: ISBN 9788885486065; $9,99 Author: Marco Giarratana   Table of Contents   1. Strategy 1.1 Definition and history 1.2 Why is strategy important?   2. Strategy, Performance, and Financial Measures 2.1 Value creation and value capture 2.2 Accounting and financial measures 2.3 Social performance and economic performance Appendix   3. Sector Analysis 3.1 Definition 3.2 Actual competition in the sector 3.3 Future competition in the sector 3.4 Power of buyers and suppliers 3.5 Presence of substitutes and complements 3.6 ...
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