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In Data Time and Tide

A Surprising Philosophical Guide to Our Programmable Future

Pages: 156 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486621; $29,95 Epub: ISBN 9788885486638; $19,95 Mobypocket: ISBN 9788885486645; $19,95 Author: Cosimo Accoto Table of Contents Foreword Hello, New World Philosophy still matters Code, data and algos cultures Notes The Code: Software is Eating the Planet Software is now in command Technological unconscious Code meets philosophy Hidden and sudden A programmable worldNotes The Sensor: Senses, Sensorium and New Sense The empire of sensors Beyond measurements Socrates wears the fitbit Movements and logistics Environmental sensing Notes The Algorithm: ...
Pages: 144 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486591; $29,95 Epub: ISBN 9788885486607; $19,95 Mobypocket: ISBN 9788885486614; $19,95 Author: (edited by) Stefania Saviolo Table of Contents Preface by D. D’Angelo Foreword Part 1. Contextualising 1 Defining Consumer Experience by S. Saviolo 1. Welcome to the customer-experience business 2. Customer Experience defined 3. From touch-points to the omni-channel customer journey Notes 2 The Evolving Fashion and Luxury Eco-System by S. Saviolo 1. Defining the context 2. The pattern of evolution Notes 3 Fashion “Augmented Creativity” ...


The Blockchain Journey

A Guide to Practical Business Applications

Pages: 144 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486652; $29,95 Epub: ISBN 9788885486669; $19,95 Mobypocket: ISBN ; $19,95 Authors: Gianluca Salviotti, Leonardo Maria De Rossi, Nico Abbatemarco Table of Contents Blockchain: a Janus Bifrons Looking at the Past and the Future Introduction 1 What is the Blockchain? 1. Blockchain: the background history 1982: Ecash (David Chaum) 1997: Hashcash (Adam Back) 1998: B-money (Wei Dai) 1998: Bit Gold (Nick Szabo) 1999: Auditable, anonymous Ecash (Tomas Sander, Amnon Ta-Shma) 2008: Bitcoin (Satoshi Nakamoto) 2. The Blockchain: definition and technical pillars ...
Pages: 178 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486461; $34,95 Epub: ISBN 9788885486577; $24,95 Mobypocket: ISBN 9788885486584; $24,95 Author: Gianluca Sgueo Table of Contents Acknowledgment Foreword: Towards a Science of Gamification and Its Relationship to Governance and Democracy 1.What if Government Was a Game?1.Not your average tetris2.Imagining the future of public power3.Gamification, governance and regulators4.Innovation and tradition5.Technologies and public power6.Increased convergence, higher expectations7.Escaping anachronism8.Conceptual shifts9.Gamification at crossroads ...


Made in Italy Industries

Managerial Issues and Best Practices

Pages: 212 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486546; $34,95 Epub: 9788885486553; $24,95 Mobypocket: 9788885486560; $24,95 Authors: Luana Carcano, Gabriella Lojacono Table of Contents Introduction 1 Made in Italy: State of the Art and Key Challengesby Luana Carcano and Gabriella Lojacono1. Introduction2. Key features3. The numbers of Made in Italy4. Localization5. Managerial challenges for Made in Italy companiesBibliographyDatabases 2 Fashion, Italian Designers and Brands by Paolo Varacca Capello1. What is fashion?2. Strategy and structure of fashion companies3. The Italian fashion system4. ...



Theory, Applications, and Perspectives

Pages: 278 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486478; $49,95  Epub: 9788885486492; $34,95 Mobypocket: 9788885486485; $34,95 Authors: GianMario Raggetti, Maria Gabriella Ceravolo, Lucrezia Fattobene Table of Contents Prelude Part I - … Going inside the Black Box 1. … and Neuroeconomics Appears and Spreads…by GianMario RaggettiReferences 2. Reward-Economic Choices-Decision Making and Dopamineby Rocco Cerroni, Maria Albanese, Nicola Biagio Mercuri2.1 Behavioral economics2.2 Neural correlates in decision making2.3 Dopamine2.4 Pathology2.5 ConclusionsFiguresReferences 3. ...


Applied econometrics

An Introduction

Pages: 396 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486508; $ 64,95 Pdf: ISBN 9788885486515; $ 45,95 Author: Massimiliano Marcellino Table of Contents Applied Econometrics. An Introduction 1. Introduction1.1 What is econometrics?1.2 Elements of an econometric study1.3 Data1.4 The descriptive analysis1.5 Some examplesThe main concepts of this chapter 2. The Linear Regression Model2.1 Definitions and notation2.2 The assumptions of the linear regression model2.3 The role of the error term2.4 OLS estimators of the regression function parameters2.5 The linear model and the OLS estimators in vector ...


Dynamical Systems and Optimal Control

A Friendly Introduction

Pages: 340 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486522; $59,95 Pdf: ISBN 9788885486539; $41,95 Author: Sandro Salsa, Annamaria Squellati Table of Contents 1 Introduction to Modelling 1.1 Some Classical Examples 1.1.1 Malthus model 1.1.2 Logistic models1.1.3 Phillips model 1.1.4 Accelerator model 1.1.5 Evolution of supply 1.1.6 Leslie model 1.1.7 Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model 1.1.8 Time-delay logistic equation 1.2 Continuous Time and Discrete Time Models 1.2.1 Differential and difference equations 1.2.2 Systems of differential and difference equations 2 First Order Differential Equations 2.1 Introduction ...
Pages: 100 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486355; $24,95 Author:  Alberto Dell'Acqua Table of Contents Introduction 1 Theories of Debt1.1 Introduction1.2 The economic advantages of debt1.3 The economic disadvantages of debt1.4 Economic-financial convenience of debt and Trade-off Theory1.5 Hierarchy of funding choices and Pecking Order Theory1.6 Conflicts of interest between managers and shareholders and Agency Theory1.7 Capital structure and Market Timing Theory1.8 Capital structure and functioning of the financial system1.9 Conclusions and implications for management 2 Measuring ...
Corporate Debt Management


Visual Merchandising

In-store Communication to Enhance Brand Equity Value

Pages: 360 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486416; $69,95 Author:  Karin Zaghi Table of Contents Acknowledgements Introduction: What kind of visual merchandising? 1. Store atmosphere as a preferential dimension of the store experience1. The store as an emblematic experience2. Store atmosphere3. Thematic universes4. Interaction between the atmosphere and the customer4.1 Spheres of action5. A unique experience6. Cost-benefit analysis in an experiential approach7. The expert in quality relationships8. New trends in store design 2. Interactive environments: new dimensions in communication1. ...