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Maria Giuseppina Lucia, Stefano Valdemarin

International Strategy

Managing companies in the global economic system

In a global economic system marked by continuous changes, companies shouldadapt their strategies to successfully manage international activities. On onehand, strategic decisions play a key role in detecting and seizing internationalopportunities. On the other hand, global shifts have a strong impact on everytype of company and organization, regardless of their size and degree of internationalization.Focusing on the most relevant issues in the international development of companies, the book proposes theoretical models and managerial tools to successfully tackle global challenges. Each chapter relies extensively on figures and tables to make concepts accessible and is accompanied by a set of questions to review key notions and check learning outcomes. For this reason, the book is designed to be used at different levels, by different readers: from professors and students in undergraduate and post-graduate programs at universities and business schools, to managers and entrepreneurs aiming to internationalize their company and facing global challenges.


Pages: 240

Trade Paper: ISBN 9788831322447; $ 44.95



Maria Giuseppina Lucia is Full Professor of Economic and Political Geography at the University of Turin, Italy, where she teaches World Economic Systems and Geography of Financial Markets. Her research interests focus on the geographical and social implica-tions of the processes of financialization of the economic system. She also coordinates an interdisciplinary research group on the transition towards sustainability.

Stefano Valdemarin is Permanent Professor of International Management and Strategy at the ESSCA School of Management in Lyon, France. His research and teaching activ-ities focus on international development strategies and the creation of opportunities in relationship networks. On these topics, he cooperates with multinational companies, universities, and international organizations to develop projects establishing a bridge between theory and practice.

International Strategy