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Essentials of Strategy provides basic guidelines and concepts that students should handle in order to develop a sound background in business and corporate strategy. The book draws on industrial organization, management, and sociology research, taking an approach that accounts for the most recent trends in Strategy studies.   Here an extract from the book: 1. Strategy.   Here the book's profile: Essential of Strategy.
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This textbook is tailored for those educational programs, such as Economics and Management, which include a first (and frequently the only) course of Mathematics. We have selected some topics which we consider to be fundamental, if not mandatory, for these students: the knowledge of Calculus, for functions of one and two variables; the use of Calculus in optimization; the notion of integral for functions of one variable; the language and the elementary techniques of Linear Algebra; the basics of Financial Calculus. Several preliminary examples from applied sciences (mainly from Economics) introduce ...
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Generational nuclei are like those found in atoms: structural dimensions held together by their positive charge which releases a binding energy. Generational nuclei cannot be defi ned so precisely, but their activity can be observed and tested just like their atomic counterparts. The generational nuclei are identifi ed through ethno-antropological observation and produce an enormous amount of attractive energy towards both their own generation and others, with a power that shapes future values and behaviours.   Here an extract from the book: Foreword by Massimiliano Valerii and Francesco ...