Through the book


Through the book: In Data Time and Tide

A Surprising Philosophical Guide to Our Programmable Future

A fresh philosophical journey through our programmable world. A visionary map exploring risky and wild territories: the hidden life of software and coding, the emergence of a new data sensorium, the algorithmic power of alien intelligences, the tech shift from archives to prediction machines, the planetary platforms becoming stacks and chains. In five short and provocative essays, this book popularizes new speculations introducing society and business to untold concepts such as feedforward, stack, transduction, elemental, infoviduality. Together with engineer’s and programmer’s narratives of code, data and algos revolution, philosophers have their own creative thinking on current and future technologies. An intriguing philtech guide to our (generative yet vulnerable) digital, artificial and synthetic age. An engaging book for business disruptors, social innovators, policymakers and educators.


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