Through the book


Through the book: Made in Italy Industries

Managerial Issues and Best Practices

This book describes why the Made in Italy brand has till today a strong relevance for Italy competitiveness and what are the key managerial issues for Made in Italy companies. The book includes an emphasis on competencies that are vital for working successfully in these companies.

The aim is to give a comprehensive vision of the peculiarity of management and strategy in companies that can be classified as Made in Italy. They are challenged by ownership, size and key strategic decisions issues that are influenced by the global image associated to it.

The book is going to focus on the common challenges among key players in the key industries, among which food, cosmetics, eyewear and mechanics, fashion, at the basis of Italian economy. Authors are going to consider both b2b and b2c business models to better appreciate the variety and the strength of Italian companies.


Here an extract from the book: Introduction and Chapter 1.


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