Maria Gabriella Ceravolo is a neurologist and Professor of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine at Università Politecnica delle Marche. Her scientific research mainly focuses on the assessment, prognosis and rehabilitation of motor and cognitive impairment in subjects with brain diseases. BUP Book: Neuroeconomics.


Annamaria Squellati

Annamaria Squellati was Lecturer of Mathematics at Bocconi University, Milan and Contract Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy.   BUP books:  Dynamical Systems and Optimal Control Mathematics for Economics and Business
annamaria squellati
Massimiliano Marcellino is Full Professor of Econometrics at Bocconi University, Milan, fellow of CEPR and IGIER, and Scientific Chairman of the Euro Area Business Cycle Network (ECB-Eurosystem-CEPR). Previously, he held the Pierre Werner Chair on the Monetary Union at the European University Institute. BUP book: Applied Econometrics
Alberto Dell'Acqua is Lecturer at the Department of Finance at Bocconi University and Director of the Master in Corporate Finance at the SDA Bocconi School of Management (16th-17th-18th Editions). BUP book: Corporate Debt Management.


Carla Lunghi

Carla Lunghi is an Associate Professor at the Sociology of Cultural Processes department, Università Cattolica, where she teaches Social Communication and the Evolution of the concept of Made in Italy. BUP book: What's Fashion? It's Method!.


Diego Rinallo

Diego Rinallo is Associate Professor of Marketing and Consumer Culture at KEDGE Business School. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor at Bocconi University, where he obtained his PhD in Business Administration. His research investigates marketing and consumption from a cultural perspective, with a focus on gender issues, fashion, advertising, and spirituality/religion. He is one of the world's top experts in the trade show industry and his research highlights the role of collective marketing events in the global knowledge economy. His work has been published in top-ranking scientific ...
Francesca Romana Rinaldi is Professor in Management of Fashion Companies at Bocconi University and SDA Assistant Professor at SDA Bocconi School of Management. She is Director of the Master in Fashion Brand & Business Management at the MFI, Milano Fashion Institute. BUP book: What's Fashion? It's Method!.


Karin Zaghi

Karin Zaghi is SDA Professor of Marketing and Sales at SDA Bocconi School of Management where since 2017 she is in charge of the Channel & Retail Category. She is Professor of Marketing at Bocconi University. BUP book: Visual Merchandising.


Marco Turinetto

Marco Turinetto is Professor at Politecnico di Milano. He is an architect, journalist and researcher at the Politecnico di Milano, where he teaches and researches. From several years, he designed and developed new marketing strategies on how to build and reposition the brand in the high-end of the market and brand-extension. At the Politecnico di Milano, he is scientific director of Modacontents/Tremelloni, with cultural consulting on his knowledge of fashion. BUP book: What's Fashion? It's Method!.


Armando Cirrincione

Armando Cirrincione is Lecturer of Marketing at Bocconi University, where he is also Faculty Affiliate at ASK Research Center. He is Senior Professor at SDA Bocconi School of Management.  BUP book: Management of Cultural Firms.