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Sandro Boscaini

Amarone and Beyond

Masi: 250 Years of Harvests, Family and Business

As the sixth generation of a dynasty that has turned the love for its roots, in the land of Valpolicella, into the driving force behind a business and a brand that have conquered the world, Sandro Boscaini traces here the history of the family business from the first harvest to the present day. A fascinating and lively 250 years-long tale, in which the tides of history intertwine with those of the family. Entrepreneurial choices unfold between respect for tradition and innovation of processes and products, leaving room for personal anecdotes and technical curiosities, first-hand accounts and literary sources. Placing the family's events in the general context—of national or local scope—is of utmost importance to understand from a broader perspective the territory and its culture, the vineyard and the winemaking profession, passion and entrepreneurship, business culture and sustainability. The volume is accompanied by color photographs and illustrations.


Pages: 160

Trade Paper: ISBN 9788831322690; $39.95



Sandro Boscaini is president of Masi Agricola SpA, a winery that in Valpolicella Classica produces and distributes Amarone and other fine wines. He is among the creators of Vinitaly, a founding member of the Istituto del Vino Italiano di Qualità Grandi Marchi, and of the association Famiglie Storiche dell'Amarone.

Amarone and beyond