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Marco Sampietro

Project Management

Integrating Methodologies and Behaviors

Project management is a vast discipline that over the years has come to encompass content from a variety of fields. The book identifies the factors that are crucial to good project management and emphasizes the importance of integrating the methodological and organizational aspects of project management. Knowing how to manage projects provides companies with an important competitive advantage, as shrinking product life cycles reduce the time to return on investment, which means less tolerance for errors. From the main characteristics of projects to the identification of the key factors for their success, from the concept of life cycle to the behaviors that accompany each phase, from stakeholder management to the management of physical and economic resources, the book illustrates every relevant aspect providing numerous examples and concrete cases. A particularly extensive chapter is devoted to the Agile approach, describing its inception, its various applications, and some key operational practices. The volume is completed by an in-depth focus on the management of multi-project environments and a checklist for assessing the robustness of a project at each stage of its life span.


Pages: 248

Trade Paper: ISBN 9788831322652; $34.95 



Marco Sampietro is Associate Professor of Practice of Leadership, Organization and Human Resources at SDA Bocconi School of Management. He also teaches Project Management and Agile Management at the Department of Management and Technology of Bocconi University.

Project Management