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Cristina Pozzi

Destination 2050

A Practical Guide to the Future


The future is the wildest destination we can ever visit, a place and time so complex that it requires study and an exercise of the imagination
before leaving. But the future is also the result of our predictions. One way to start to positively influence it, then, is to try to imagine it as we would like it to be. This is the first step in making it happen. No one realizes a future that they dare not even imagine.

What climate should we prepare for and what shall we bring with us? What will we eat in 2050? How will we dress? What kind of cities will people live in? Where will young people go to have fun? What experiences shouldn’t be missed? What languages, currencies, cures will be there? What will shopping be like and how will we move?
In a planet inhabited by robots, cyborgs and animal species believed to be extinct, every aspect of life will be very distant from our current habits. But the indications contained in these pages are sure to be of great help for everyone, be it regular travelers or new explorers facing their first journey into the future.


Pages: 177

Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486973; $ 34,95

Epub/Moby pocket: ISBN 97888885486982; $ 24,95



Cristina Pozzi is CEO&Co-founder of Impactscool, a non-profi t organization devoted to stimulate reflection and educate students, managers and citizens about future thinking and new emerging technologies. She is also a member of the Young Global Leaders nominated by the World Economic Forum (2019-2024). Her personal website is

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