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Claudio Scardovi

Singularity Bank

AI and Runaway Transformation in Financial Services


Artificial intelligence is driving the next revolution in banking, with disruptive forces presenting profound challenges to traditional business models. As the adoption of new technologies, and innovation of even newer ones, accelerates, are we fast approaching a future in which banks no longer have a need for assets or, indeed, for humans?

Is there a future in which bankers themselves, if not banks, disappear altogether? Are we approaching a “singularity moment,” in which advances in artificial intelligence trigger rapid and uncontrollable technological growth, leading to incalculable changes to society and, indeed, our very humanity? Would this empower us, or would it seize control of our very destiny? In practice, as it relates to banking, we may be facing not just a single, but multiple moments of singularity. This book examines the ways in which advances in artificial intelligence could become industrializable across each of the main value chains of the international banking system.


Pages: 280
Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486775; $42,95
Ebook: ISBN 9788885486799; $29,99

Claudio Scardovi is a managing director and global co-head of the financial services practice for AlixPartners, a leading global consultancy focused on turnaround, transformation and growth.
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