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Martha Friel e Armando Peres


New Maps for the Travel Industry


How will the tourists of the future travel? Where will they like to stay? What experiences will they look for? Tourism is one of the strongest and fastest growing sectors of the world economy and has become one of the most advanced frontiers for technological innovation applied to transport and entertainment. The book provides a simple illustration of how tourism has evolved in recent decades and the great economic, social and cultural transformations it has undergone.

These transformations, which also affect the consumption patterns of tourists, pose important challenges in terms of innovation for countries and regions that are trying to emerge in an increasingly crowded market, and make us question how people will travel in the near future. They also show us what a very interesting sector tourism actually is, and how it is an important field of experimentation, in both technological and other ways, for new products and experiences that are integral parts of daily life today.


Pages: 122
Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486683; $19,95
Epub: ISBN 9788885486706; $13,99
Mobipocket: ISBN 9788885486690; $13,99


Martha Friel is Assistant Professor of Economics and Business Management at IULM University, Milan, and fellow at the Santagata Foundation for Cultural Economics. Her research areas cover the economy and management of culture and tourism on which she collaborates with national and international institutions.

Armando Peres is Professor of Tourism Policy and International Cooperation at IULM University, Milan. He previously served as President of the OECD Tourism Committee and as Director General of the Italian Touring Club. He has been Deputy Major of Venice with responsibility of Culture, Tourism and Communication.