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Signature Experience

Pages: 144

Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486591; $29,95

Epub: ISBN 9788885486607; $19,95

Mobypocket: ISBN 9788885486614; $19,95

Author: (edited by) Stefania Saviolo


Table of Contents


Preface by D. D’Angelo


Part 1. Contextualising

1 Defining Consumer Experience by S. Saviolo
1. Welcome to the customer-experience business
2. Customer Experience defined
3. From touch-points to the omni-channel customer journey

2 The Evolving Fashion and Luxury Eco-System by S. Saviolo
1. Defining the context
2. The pattern of evolution

3 Fashion “Augmented Creativity” (and Its Dark Side) by S. Saviolo
1. Managing creativity in the era of engagement
2. The dark side of augmented creativity


Part 2. Crafting

4 The Signature Experience Framework by P. Pedersoli, S. Saviolo
1. The signature experience framework
2. From Guessing to Knowing

5 Signature Touch-Points: Best Cases by L. Paladino
1. Engagement and consideration phase
2. Purchase phase
3. Service and feedback phase

6 Crafting the Signature Experience Within the Fashion Communication Eco-System by E. Corbellini, L. Paladino
1. Brand communication strategy in a context of touch-points’
2. Transmedia storytelling: before buying products,
people buy stories
3. The power of communities
4. Influencers: when people trust people
5 Orchestrating the content creation eco-system


Part 3. Engineering

7 The Organizational Framework by P. Pedersoli
1. The difficult journey to customer-centric organizations
2. The Marketing driven approach
3. The Retail driven approach
4. Who leads the change?
5. Who manages the change?

8 The Operations and Processes at the Heart of the Signature Experience Execution by P. Pedersoli
1. Why retail standards and people management matter
2. Codify the selling ceremony and other retail processes
3. Disseminate retail standards and getting people onboard
4. Manage hard and soft incentives
5. Continuously monitor and control

9 Marketing Technology in the Era of the Experience-First Brands by A. Maggio
1. Implications of technology on the signature experience
2. How to facilitate the marketing technology building process

10 Signature Experiences DOs and DON’Ts by G. Gallone

Part 4. Envisioning

11 The Future Ahead by M. Alberti, M. Di Dio Roccazzella


Afterword by G. Presca

Postface by G. Pecori Giraldi


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