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Theory, Applications, and Perspectives

Pages: 278

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Authors: GianMario Raggetti, Maria Gabriella Ceravolo, Lucrezia Fattobene

Table of Contents



Part I - … Going inside the Black Box

1. … and Neuroeconomics Appears and Spreads…
by GianMario Raggetti

2. Reward-Economic Choices-Decision Making and Dopamine
by Rocco Cerroni, Maria Albanese, Nicola Biagio Mercuri
2.1 Behavioral economics
2.2 Neural correlates in decision making
2.3 Dopamine
2.4 Pathology
2.5 Conclusions

3. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) in Neuroeconomics
by Girolamo Crisi

4. Neuroimaging: Investigation Tools in Neuroeconomics
by Gabriele Polonara, Mara Fabri
4.1 Defining cerebral plasticity
4.2 Diffusion tensor imaging
4.3 What the diffusion tensor imaging can do?
4.4 Clinical and research applications of DTI
4.5 Human connectome project
4.6 Conclusions

Part II - The Brain Functioning

5. Emotion and Decision Making
by Simona Luzzi
5.1 What is an emotion?
5.2 The story of emotions: Moving from philosophy to neurology
5.3 Emotions and Decision Making
5.4 Emotion and decision making in psychiatric diseases
5.5 Emotion and decision making in degenerative brain disorders
5.6 Conclusions

6. Decision Making under Risk, Uncertainty and Ambiguity
by Lucrezia Fattobene, Maria Gabriella Ceravolo
6.1 Traditional models of choice under risk
6.2 A neuroeconomics perspective of risk
6.3 Anticipatory Affect Model
6.4 Risk perception
6.5 Framing effect and neural circuits
6.6 Ambiguity and Uncertainty
6.7 Regret
6.8 Conclusions

7. The Neuroscience of Human Intertemporal Choice: State-ofthe-Art
by Manuela Sellitto, Giuseppe di Pellegrino
7.1 Intertemporal choice and temporal discounting
7.2 Lesion studies
7.3 Intertemporal choice and other clinical populations
7.4 The malleability of intertemporal choice
7.5 Conclusions

Part III - The Brain in Economics

8. From Mental Accounting to Neuroaccounting
by Frank G.H. Hartmann
8.1 Accounting, accountants and accounting research
8.2 Levels of analysis in accounting research
8.3 Conclusions

9. Neuromarketing: a Scientific Frontier for Marketing Research
by Gianpiero Lugli
9.1 How to improve marketing research
9.2 Information and choice
9.3 Emotions and choice
9.4 How to improve advertising with the help of affective computing
9.5 How to improve price promotion with the help of affective
computing technology
9.6 How to improve product innovation with the help of brain
imaging technology
9.7 How to improve nutrition communication with the help
of brain imaging technology
Figures and tables

10. Neurofinance: New Frontiers and Further Perspectives
by Lucrezia Fattobene, Maria Gabriella Ceravolo
10.1 Affective processes and financial decision making
10.2 Neuroscience and the possibility to test hypotheses in finance:
the realization utility
10.3 Traders’ behaviour in an ecological setting
10.4 The predictive power of neurofinance: theory of mind and financial bubbles
10.5 Ocular movements to test hypotheses in finance: the eye tracking methodology

11. Homo Oeconomicus: Personality Neuroscience and Psychopathy
by Luca Passamonti
11.1 The concept of ‘homo oeconomicus’ and its critique
11.2 Behavioural economics and neuroeconomics
11.3 Decision-making neuroscience and its relationship with neuroeconomics
11.4 The need to integrate emotions in decision-making models and the contribution of personality neuroscience
11.5 Neuroscience of psychopathy as a modern model of the ‘homo oeconomicus’
11.6 Conclusions

Part IV - New Curiosites about the Brain

12. A Viable Systems Approach (vSa) to Social Neurosciences
by Sergio Barile, Francesca Iandolo, Stefano Armenia
12.1 The Viable Systems Approach: the viable system as an
information variety
Table of contents
12.2 Can System Dynamics constitute a viable quantitative
manifestation for a VSA?
12.3 Evidencing the Systemic Structure of the Learning Process
12.4 Conclusions

13. Eye Movements and Investment Decisions
by Maria Gabriella Ceravolo, Vincenzo Farina, Lucrezia Fattobene,
Lucia Leonelli
13.1 Eye tracking and economic and financial decision making
13.2 Investor behaviour and the Key Investor Information Document (KIID)
13.3 Conclusions

14. Neuroeconomics and Insurance: a Look Forward
by Riccardo Guerrini

Some Reflections and Perspectives

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