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Innovation in Organizations

Informal networks, knowledge sharing, and the development of firm's innovative capabilities

Pages: 110

Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486331; $24,95

Pdf: ISBN 9788885486348; $12,99

Author: Marco Tortoriello


Table of Contents


1 Introduction

2 The absorptive capacity framework and social network reserach

2.1 The absorptive capacity framework 
 2.1.1 The process of absorptive capacity 
2.2 The social network approach 
2.3 Integrating absorptive capacity and social network theory

3. The micro-foundation of absorptive capacity 
3.1 The social structure of innovation 
3.2 External knowledge 
 3.2.1 Scientific vs. industrial external knowledge 
3.3 Internal social structure
 3.2.1 Is brokerage always good for innovation?
3.4 A new framework for social structure and innovativeness 
3.5 Local vs. global information advantages 

4. Empirical setting and data
4.1 Research site
4.2 Data
 4.2.1 Survey data: external sources of knowledge
 4.2.2 Survey data: social networks
 4.2.3 Archival data
4.3 Measures: dependent variable
4.4 Measures: independent variables

5. Findings and results
5.1 Main findings
5.1.1 Testing additional specification models
5.2 Addressing endogeneity
5.3 Additional analysis: testing higher order interaction effects
5.4 Robustness checks


6. Discussion
61 Contributions
6.2 Limitations
6.3 Future research
6.4 Summary


Extending the scope of the analysis plus some managerial implications
Four factors for building effective networks

Protocol used for preliminary interviews
Network questions used for survey
Table with network measures of the variable used in the analysis
Factor analysis 


Innovation in Organizations