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Internationally renowned virologist Professor Ilaria Capua (Director of One Health Center of Excellence at the University of Florida) talks with personalities of different backgrounds (culture, science, politics) and well-known internationally to address the main themes of her book "Circular Health" from diverse perspectives. #CircularHealth: Digital Talk 1Professor Ilaria Capua meets Dale Jamieson ...

Vincenzo Galasso

Political Economics

Redistributive Policies This book is written for undergraduate students in Economics and in Political Science who want to learn about the political economics of redistributive policies. It provides a positive analysis of the political process behind the design and implementation of redistributive policies, by using the minimum level of mathematical formalization required, in an attempt to be accessible ...

Ezio Manzini

Livable Proximity

Ideas for the City that Cares

“Livable Proximity is a passionate and compelling call for a remaking of the city under a novel paradigm of relationality and care by one of the most accomplished design thinkers of our time.” – Arturo Escobar This book is a contribution to the social conversation on the city and its future. It focuses on an idea that has been in circulation for some time and that, in recent years, has received ...

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