2019-12-02 - 2019-12-02


Fashion Industry 2030 in India

Italian embassy in Dhaka organizes:


“Fashion 2030: emerging trends of design, sustainability and social responsibility”


Dhaka 2 December 2019


In Italy and Europe sustainability and social responsibility are becoming a strategic key for competing in the fashion industry.

Under pressure of young generation of consumers, fashion designers and brands are constantly searching new sustainable materials, new approach in designing a garment and care to socially responsible factories in Italy and all around the globe.

Blockchain technologies adopted by European brands create a direct link between retail and supply chains.

In Europe brands and corporate are requested by law (EU Directive 2014/95) to prepare and disclose reliable non-financial information related to social, safety and environmental risks along the supply chains

The overall objective of the event promoted by the Italian Embassy in Dhaka is to present the most innovative trends of the fashion industry in Europe in order to create awareness among BGMEA members regarding how to prepare the future competitive challenges.

During the event will be introduce Get It Fair, the first Responsible Labelling scheme developed by Italian Stakeholders in the fashion industry to evaluate ESG (environmental, social and governance risks) along the supply chains in order to meet emerging needs of buyers, customers and investors.

Italy and Bangladesh join hands to develop initiatives and programme in 2019-20 to improve competitiveness of their industries.


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