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Innovation in Organizations

Informal networks, knowledge sharing, and the development of firm's innovative capabilities

Pages: 110 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486331; $24,95 Pdf: ISBN 9788885486348; $12,99 Author: Marco Tortoriello Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 The absorptive capacity framework and social network reserach 2.1 The absorptive capacity framework  2.1.1 The process of absorptive capacity 2.2 The social network approach 2.3 Integrating absorptive capacity and social ...

Visual Merchandising

In-store Communication to Enhance Brand Equity Value

Pages: 360 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486416; $69,95 Author:  Karin Zaghi Table of Contents Acknowledgements Introduction: What kind of visual merchandising? 1. Store atmosphere as a preferential dimension of the store experience1. The store as an emblematic experience2. Store atmosphere3. Thematic universes4. Interaction between the atmosphere and the customer4.1 Spheres of action5. ...

What's Fashion? It's Method!

The Value of Ideas in Fashion Companies

Pages: 112 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486386; $18,00 Authors: Carla Lunghi, Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Marco Turinetto Table of Contents Preface Introduction. Textile Products and Industrial Objects: Supply, Consumption and New Markets by Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis  Bibliography 1 The Made in Italy System. Why Education Can Fill the Gap between Innovation ...


Theory, Applications, and Perspectives

Pages: 278 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486478; $49,95  Epub: 9788885486492; $34,95 Mobypocket: 9788885486485; $34,95 Authors: GianMario Raggetti, Maria Gabriella Ceravolo, Lucrezia Fattobene Table of Contents Prelude Part I - … Going inside the Black Box 1. … and Neuroeconomics Appears and Spreads…by GianMario RaggettiReferences 2. Reward-Economic Choices-Decision ...

Made in Italy Industries

Managerial Issues and Best Practices

Pages: 212 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486546; $34,95 Epub: 9788885486553; $24,95 Mobypocket: 9788885486560; $24,95 Authors: Luana Carcano, Gabriella Lojacono Table of Contents Introduction 1 Made in Italy: State of the Art and Key Challengesby Luana Carcano and Gabriella Lojacono1. Introduction2. Key features3. The numbers of Made in Italy4. Localization5. Managerial challenges for ...

The Blockchain Journey

A Guide to Practical Business Applications

Pages: 144 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486652; $29,95 Epub: ISBN 9788885486669; $19,95 Mobypocket: ISBN ; $19,95 Authors: Gianluca Salviotti, Leonardo Maria De Rossi, Nico Abbatemarco Table of Contents Blockchain: a Janus Bifrons Looking at the Past and the Future Introduction 1 What is the Blockchain? 1. Blockchain: the background history 1982: Ecash (David Chaum) 1997: Hashcash (Adam ...
Francesca De Canio is a PhD candidate at Parma University.    BUP book: The New Social Game
Davide Pellegrini is Professor of Marketing in the Department of Economics and Management at Parma University.  BUP book: The New Social Game
The aim of this book is to understand whether the new social game creates wealth for its participants. For this reason, the authors look at the theoretical implications of the increasing overlap between dialogue and sale, market and society, or, more simply, money and gift. By focusing on the convergence taking place between the roles of customer and citizen, the book develops a new theory of convergence ...
Marco Tortoriello is Associate Professor of Strategy and Organizations in the Department of Management and Technology at Bocconi University. BUP book: Innovation in Organizations.