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Political Economics

Redistributive Policies

Pages: 144 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486270; $29.95 Pdf: ISBN 97888854628; $14,99 Author: Vincenzo Galasso Table of Content Prologue 1 Introduction to Political Economics 1.1 The Political Economic Approach1.2 Political Institutions1.3 A simple Example: Indirect Utility Function, Single-Peaked Preferences and the Bliss Point 2 Electoral Models2.1 The Median Voter Model2.2 Probabilistic ...

Applied econometrics

An Introduction

Pages: 396 Trade Paper: ISBN 9788885486508; $ 64,95 Pdf: ISBN 9788885486515; $ 45,95 Author: Massimiliano Marcellino Table of Contents Applied Econometrics. An Introduction 1. Introduction1.1 What is econometrics?1.2 Elements of an econometric study1.3 Data1.4 The descriptive analysis1.5 Some examplesThe main concepts of this chapter 2. The Linear Regression Model2.1 Definitions ...
Pages: 192 Trade Paper: ISBN 97888885486133; $37.95 Pdf: ISBN 9788885486140; $19,99 Author: Luigi Balletta, Salvatore Modica   Table of Contents   1. GDP, Prices, Inflation, Interest 1.1 National Accounting 1.2 Prices, quantities, time and rates 1.2.1 Price indices and Inflation 1.2.2 Exchange and goods available at different times 1.2.3 Rates of interest 1.3 Two more elaborate ...