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The latest editions of introductory texts are becoming easier and easier. At the same time, macroeconomic models used by central banks in their simulations (the so-called Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models, DSGE) are increasingly microfounded – and thus complex. In a nutshell, BUP Macroeconomic Lessons fill a gap. Surely students will find them slightly more difficult than the most ...
Luigi Balletta is a researcher of Economics at Palermo University. He received his PhD from Yale University (2010).    BUP book: Macroeconomics Lectures
Pages: 192 Trade Paper: ISBN 97888885486133; $37.95 Pdf: ISBN 9788885486140; $19,99 Author: Luigi Balletta, Salvatore Modica   Table of Contents   1. GDP, Prices, Inflation, Interest 1.1 National Accounting 1.2 Prices, quantities, time and rates 1.2.1 Price indices and Inflation 1.2.2 Exchange and goods available at different times 1.2.3 Rates of interest 1.3 Two more elaborate ...

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